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March 2024

Congratulations to Valerie Ah-Yen, Cameron Lewis, and Jamie Jon who presented their work at the Psychology Department's undergraduate poster day! Looking forward to reading the finished theses.


September 2023

A very warm welcome to Rafaela Platkin, who joins the lab this month as an MSc student co-mentored by Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude. Rafaela will examine how children engage with long-form auditory narratives like audiobooks and podcasts, and will explore how these resources can be best used to support educational goals.

We are also delighted to welcome Emiko, Valerie, Cam, and Jamie who will complete their honors theses in the lab this year!

August 2023

Congratulations to Jessica, Alex, and Dursa on the acceptance of their paper "Sign language experience has little effect on face and biomotion perception in bimodal bilinguals" - available soon in Scientific Reports.

July 2023

Congratulations to Kate Raymond on the successful defense of her Master's project examining the validity of an exciting new measure of sound sensitivity, and understanding how symptom severity is related to cognitive performance. After a few weeks of relaxation, Kate will be back to complete her doctoral work in clinical psychology.

July was an exceptionally busy month for the NiSSL team. Blake was pleased to deliver a talk on the opening day of the International Multisensory Research Forum in Brussels, while Cailey gave a wonderful poster presentation at the Conference on Implanatable Auditory Prostheses in Tahoe City. Chenxi and Sophia both presneted talks at the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences meeting in Guelph, while Austin presented his work at the Human Brain Mapping meeting in Montreal.


March 2023

This month the NiSSL team welcomes Karen (Yu) Du, who will begin a postdoctoral fellowship where she will examine contextual cues and sound sensitivity, and will continue her exciting work on sensory cues for spatial navigation.

August 2022

Congratulations to Austin Robertson on the successful defense of his Master's project examining the myeloarchitecture of the auditory cortex. Also, a very warm welcome to Facundo Lodol, who is returning to the NiSSL team in September to examine neural correlates of Misophonia.


July 2022

Blake was delighted to chair an amazing session on cognitive processes involved is effortful listening at the Gordon Research Conference on the Auditory System. This was followed by an excellent symposium at the Canadian Society for Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Science that focused on how unexpected research findings can influence the way we think about complex problems in exciting new ways!

May 2022

This month, Austin and Jessica presented their work on auditory cortical myelination and the effects of sign language experience on visual perception, respectively, at the Canadian Association for Neuroscience meeting in Toronto, ON.

In addition, we were delighted to welcome Aimee Dawe who will be completing a Head and Heart Indigenous Research Fellowship in the lab, and Caroli
ne Zhaksylyk  who received a BrainsCAN Diversity in Neuroscience Summer Fellowship to support her work in the lab!

March 2022

It's been a busy month! Cailey Salagovic presented her work at the Rotman Conference on the Aging Brain, undergraduate thesis student Jania Hemnani presented at the IDSTEM meeting, and Jania and Facundo presented their thesis work at the Psychology poster session!




February 2022

Congratulations to Austin Robertson and Zhaleh Alipour on their wonderful talks at Neuroscience Research Day. To top it off, Zhaleh also placed in the NeuroArt competition organized by Jessica Lammert!

September 2021

A warm welcome to Emma Neto, who is joining the NiSSL group to pursue research in the area of multisensory integration through the Department of Psychology. We are also very fortunate to have Jessica Lammert, Cailey Salagovic, and Kate Raymond staying on for another round!

August 2021

Congratulations to Jessica Lammert, Cailey Salagovic, and Kate Raymond who all successfully defended their Master's projects this summer. This was no simple feat given the significant challenges associated with the suspension of in-person research activities, but Jessica, Cailey, and Kate showed amazing levels of dedication and flexibility - truly wonderful models for our more junior trainees (and myself!)

June 2020

Congratulations to Dan Miller and Alex Levine along with Gabriel Mattatall (Menon Lab) and Roy Haast (Khan Lab) on their successful BrainsCAN Postdoctoral Collaborative Grant. Looking forward to supporting this ambitions and exciting pilot!

April 2020

Congratulations to Kate Raymond and Jessica Lammert, both of whom were awarded NSERC CGS-M awards for their exciting Master's research projects! 

December 2019

Happy Holidays from the NiSSLab!



October 2019

The lab is looking for graduate students interested in studying mechanisms of crossmodal plasticity. Details on graduate program points of entry can be found here. Applicants with a strong background in experimental design, computer programming in Matlab/Python, and statistical analyses are particularly encouraged. Please feel free to email for additional information! 

April 2019

NiSSL undergraduate students James Patience and Nikhil Patil presented a poster at the Western Undergraduate Research Conference. 


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