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Normal Auditory Development

The lab combines traditional neuroanatomical measures with high resolution structural imaging to characterize the development of sensory brain regions.  We are broadly interested in how these measures may correlate with the onset of sensory function, and the development of associated cognitive processes.

Sensory Loss & Restoration

We are interested in the structural and functional consequences of sensory loss on neural structure and function.  This work seeks to I) describe basic principles that underlie  neuroplastic reorganization, II) characterize systems level changes that result from sensory loss, and III) motivate rehabilitative strategies for sensory restoration.

Perception & Cognition

We are interested in the reciprocal relationship between perception and cognition, and how these critical linkages are established in development.  Moreover, we hope to better understand how changes in perceptual acuity may manifest in cognitive deficits across the lifespan. 

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